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Minnetonka Bargeman

Servicing Lake Minnetonka since 1985



Generations on Lake Minnetonka

We specialize in the installation and removal of boat lifts, boat lift repair, recovery of sunken vessels/objects, debris removal and transportation services on Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota. We only service Lake Minnetonka and we know it well.


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I highly recommend Joe! I have worked with Joe since he took over for Don. I always found him to be responsive, timely and very good at what he does. In addition, he is a pleasure to work with and I always look forward to him coming over. You can always count on Joe and the Minnetonka Bargeman to get the job done!
— Carol Minnetonka Yacht Club
Approximately two years ago, Joe Hoeschen took over the boat lift service from his father-in-law Don Anthony. He re-named the business Minnetonka Bargeman.

Don always delivered great service and Joe has maintained the values of superior customer service in every regard. If you have a boat lift issue or any other need for lifting or removing articles from the Lake Minnetonka shore, contact Joe without hesitation.
— Lloyd S. Carson's Bay
I had to remove a giant oak tree and I had a giant pile of wood eating up my shoreline. I called Minnetonka Bargeman and the pile was gone 24 hours later.
— Andy from Lafayette Bay



We are reliable and trustworthy. We only service Lake Minnetonka and we know it well!



Formerly known as Don Anthony's Boat Lift Services.  Our company is a family owned and operated lake service provider, servicing Lake Minnetonka since 1985.

In 2015, Don decided it was time to pass the business onto his son in-law, Joe Hoeschen.  While Don is still involved in the business, Joe is the current owner and operator of Minnetonka Bargeman.

Joe comes from an extensive mechanical background with experience servicing Land Rovers and Jaguars in Minneapolis. Joe has since continued to provide an excellent level of customer service to each and every Lake Minnetonka customer.